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My husband, Ethan and myself originally had plans to join my parents and sister in the Florida Keys so that Ethan could guest star on an episode of my dad's TV show. The weather had other plans that put filming on hold for the time being, but we all still took the weekend trip down to Islamorada for some much needed relaxation and family time.

We stayed in a three bedroom house at Pines & Palms Resort on our own little private section of the beach which was made even more perfect by the fact that the weather was so breezy and cool this weekend. We all spent Saturday evening sitting out on the sand and watching the sunset while inhaling the fresh ocean air. A trip to Theater Of The Sea was also a must, as was wading in the water with Ethan as the parrotfish swam around his toes. We did all of the old Islamorada staples, not excluding two trips to Robbie's where Ethan was absolutely mesmerized by the giant tarpon.

It was a bit sad to pack up our things and head home this evening but we left with Ethan's first trip to the Keys under our belt and all of the great memories that came with it. I have so many childhood memories of Islamorada and doing all of the things and seeing all of the places that we did and saw with Ethan. It's an unreal feeling, being able to show your child the parrotfish in the swimming beach at Theater Of The Sea or feed the tarpon at Robbie's as you did so many times as a child. It's comparable to the feeling of signing my child in at the pediatrician for the first time, the flash of panic and excitement and disbelief and an instant flood of love when you realize that this is your child and that is your child's name right there on that line. I feel those same feelings when I watched Ethan stare at the fish swimming around in the blue water with a sense of magic that only children are capable of exuding.

I may admittedly (and ashamedly!) be too exhausted to take off my make-up on more nights than I care to admit to, but I'm never too tired to realize and appreciate how lucky I am to be a part of the greatest family in the world, married to the most fantastic husband in existence and mommy to the most incredible, beautiful, perfect son in the universe.


  1. Sounds like you had a blast. Next time Aaron can take care of the kitties and I'll go with you :-)

  2. Awww, looks like a great trip, even if Ethan's TV debut had to be put off for a little bit. I LOVE the family photos you have at the end. What an adorable, perfect little family. I love your comment about how you never take it for granted. :o)

    My parents went to Islamorada last December and loved it. My grandparents go every year and took my parents last year to help celebrate their 50th anniversary. It's awfully beautiful from the pictures I've seen!!

    I'm glad you guys all had such a good time!

  3. Dolphins are my FAVORITE ANIMAL of all time!! They are so beautiful and smart... I think they are angels of the ocean! :) Cheesy I know... but I love them! When I was 4 I told my mom I wanted to marry one when I grew up. haha :)


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