and it's 2012.

As 2011 transitioned into 2012, I was taking comfort in the tranquility of nature. I decided on a whim that a little spontaneity wouldn't kill me and before I knew it, I was throwing bags of my clothes and Ethan's clothes into my parents' car and we were all barreling up a highway en route to our lake house. With my husband's work schedule overlapping New Year's Eve and it's accompanying weekend this year, it only seemed like a great idea. It was. I mean, spontaneity isn't my friend and on my quest to find solace amongst nature and family I ended up misplacing my car keys indefinitely and requiring the assistance of a locksmith. But that aside, it was a great idea. And as luck (what's that?) would have it, my husband ended up having Monday off and so he drove up on New Year's Eve night, arriving two hours before 2012 made it's grand appearance. While my parents and sister headed back home yesterday, my husband, Ethan and I were able to squeeze in some more relaxation and family-time today. It ended up turning into a nice long weekend.

It was a long weekend filled with love and laughter and family and nature, with snuggling and singing songs on a dock overlooking the lake, with belly tickles and belly laughs.

This time last year, I was hearing Ethan's heartbeat for the first time as my doctor held the wand against my belly and the speaker up towards my ear. As magical a moment as it was, I much prefer the way it is this year, holding Ethan tight and being able to kiss and snuggle him anytime I so desire. (Which, you know, is all of the time.)

It was a weekend of staying in bed extra long in the mornings just to cuddle a bit longer as the birds sing in the tall trees outside our window, of feeling the crisp coolness of not too cold Florida weather subtly making it's way inside through the glass. It was a weekend of silly pajamas and an excuse to stay in them longer than usual without getting up and dressed.

And, really, if you ask Ethan, it was a weekend of toes.

I can't say I'm not sad to see 2011 go (it was the year that gave me Ethan, of course) but I'm pretty eager to experience all of the love and magic that 2012 holds. Bring it on, 2012. We're ready for you.

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