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The weekends are special days for Ethan as they mean marathons of uninterrupted time spent with his daddy before work steals him back on Monday. I try not to take it personally when, on the weekends, my cuddling isn't enough to make Ethan stop crying or my singing isn't enough to make him smile when he wakes up in the mornings. During the week, I walk into Ethan's nursery and he flails his arms at me with a need to be picked up and cuddled and a smile on his face as we make plans for the day. On the weekends? He has this cheated look on his face when he sees it's me walking into his room to retrieve him for the day. He just has to hear my husband's voice from another room and he perks up, desperately craning his neck to try to find his daddy. I don't take it personally, even when I'm covered in pureed avocado at ten o'clock at night while I'm trying frantically to prepare Ethan's food for the week and my husband is laying on the couch watching The Office. I mean, I am tempted to toss the avocado pits at my husband's head, but I don't take it personally.

No, I'm just kidding. I love the way Ethan lights up whenever he hears his daddy's voice or the way he giggles at whatever silly song or dance my husband is performing for him. I remember being totally immersed in my daddy when I was little, too (and I totally recall all of those times my mother muttered something to the tune of 'right, because I do nothing for you all day long!' while fussing around the kitchen in frustration as I cried out that I wanted my dad to tuck me in -- sorry, mom!).

This afternoon, we went to one of our local parks to ride the carousel. This is something my husband never gets to do during the week with us and I thought it would be nice for Ethan to share one of his favorite places with his dad. What a treat it was, especially as my husband is ridiculously tall and this means Ethan was able to sit atop one of the big horses! I usually make Ethan ride on the handicap benches because even the tiniest horses always go too high for me to reach and hold onto him. Wait. I just admitted that. Moving on.

After a busy week of playdates, gymnastics, Stroller Strides and just trying to enjoy the beautiful weather while it lasted, today was a nice way to end an afternoon. The park was crazy between multiple birthday parties, daycare field trips, a baseball tournament and an abundance of children just visiting the park with their parents but you could tell by looking at Ethan that it was only him and his dad. No one else in the world.

(I won't take it personally.)

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