and then there were greenbeans.

Today was Ethan's very first day of solids. (And, yes, we are those people who still have the Christmas tree up. I promise, I'll be taking the ornaments off tomorrow!) Greenbeans were on the menu, as you may remember from my great organic greenbean debacle. I prepared the first batch last night and anxiously awaited for this morning when he could have his first tablespoonful. Part of my oh no, I'm not ready for this yet anxiety was quenched when I realized it was pretty fun making Ethan's food on my own. We'll see how long it stays fun, but right now it's pretty fun.

Making Ethan's food wasn't the only unexpectedly fun part of this whole endeavor. I'll admit it, the actual feeding process was pretty fun, too. I have been dreading it for so long that it never occurred to me it may be an enjoyable experience.

So how did Ethan enjoy his greenbeans?

Okay, I'm sorry, I couldn't help it. Don't let that face fool you. It was the spoon he wasn't a fan of -- the greenbeans he eagerly lapped up. I was pretty surprised how quickly he got the hang of the whole thing and a little disappointed he didn't end up covered head-to-toe in greenbeans for, you know, the whole full effect.

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  1. Ah that first picture of him is priceless!

  2. yay for green beans! haha that picture of him not liking the spoon is the BEST! I couldnt stop smiling. He seriously has the most beautiful eyes and lashes! Im glad he liked his first food : ) Its a lot of fun once you get past the "oh my goodness my babys growing up" anxiety part, great job!

  3. Lol! Omg, I can't stop laughing at that picture of him not liking the spoon.

  4. i really loooved making the girls their first foods! when it was just livi (and i had more time) i would experiment with all kinds of things! I don't know if you've seen this website, but it's full of ideas!


    also, i started both of mine on green beans first and to this day it's one of their favorite foods!


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