seven months.

Ethan is seven months old today. He's now on that upward climb up from half a year, making him even closer to one full year. I've been spending more time thinking about his first birthday party and doing some party planning, but it never actually hit me how quickly the time was flying by.

At six months, Ethan began solids with his first taste of homemade organic vegetable purees. He has had sweet potatoes (his least favorite), zucchini (his most favorite), butternut squash, summer squash, green beans, carrots, peas and a medley of carrots, green beans and lentils. It all has been going wonderfully save for peas which caused Ethan to break out in a skin rash. This month, we are beginning fruits. Ethan received his first taste of organic fruits yesterday with a homemade avocado puree which he loved.

Ethan is wearing clothing in 9-12 month sizes, depending on the brand. He's officially in Size 4 diapers, a change which seemed to happen overnight when his size three diapers just no longer fit when he woke up in the morning. His eyes are still a beautiful shade of blue which I'm holding onto hope will stick! He has his two bottom teeth and is getting incredibly close to cutting top teeth, too. This 7 month old also has one heck of a social calendar: we do Stroller Strides, My Gym, weekly playdates at friends homes and -- swimming lessons. This coming Thursday, Ethan takes his first ever Water Smart Baby class at the swim school. I just might be more nervous than he is.

He isn't crawling yet, but I've had a gut feeling for some time that he may skip crawling altogether due to the discomfort that his reflux causes him whenever he's flat on his stomach. He is, however, standing like a pro and can hold onto the couch or the crib rail while holding himself up with ease. Sleeping still isn't as perfect as it was, but we have gradually reduced the number of wake-ups in the night from two to one so maybe this is a sign that Ethan won't completely detest the idea of his crib in the near future.

His current favorite toys are his Green Sprouts stacking cups, his musical drums and our cat, Amelia, who allows him to stack the aforementioned stacking cups on her without protest. The YouTube video of Feist singing Counting To 4 on Sesame Street might win above all of these things. Let's just say it's Ethan's most favorite song.

I think this age right now is my absolute favorite. I've said this in the past and I know myself well enough to know I'll probably say it again in the future, but I am loving every last thing about this age. I've been watching him absorb the world since he was born, but watching him implement the things he has learned into his daily life has been incredible. He knows to hold his arms out for me when he wants to be picked up. My husband has graciously showed him how to bang on his tray when he wants more food. It has simply been wonderful watching him learn and develop and become the person who he is.

Accepting the fact that the 8 pound, 4 ounce newborn we brought home from the hospital is now closing in on 25 pounds and creeping uncomfortably close to one year is another story. Really, where does the time go?

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  1. Happy 7 months Ethan! Cute belly stickers!! That is awesome that he loves zucchini!

  2. I love those eyes. What a sweetheart. Babies are so funny about their taste in food--Liam loves sweet potatoes and squash, but he hates lentils and anything green. We haven't tried zucchini. I may need to give it a shot.

  3. Oh my goodness! I agree with Amber- those eyes!! I tagged you in a little blogger game. :)

  4. he is so cute!! How do you get anything done? don't you just sit and smile back at him all day!!!

    1. I don't get a thing done! That's why my house is a disaster. Haha.

  5. O my goodness, your son is ADORABLE!!! I just found your blog and love it. I'm your newest follower :)

    ~Christina @ Marriage from Scratch


  6. He is just the cutest little boy in the world! I cant belive he is 25 pounds, what a chunkaroo, he's adorable and its so fun to see our babies grow! Great job doing all those foods with him. Your such a great mama : ) Its crazy to think that he will be 1 years old soon...
    ps-where did you get those baby drums? I need to find them!

    1. He got them from Christmas but I found them here on Amazon:
      (Those are the fish ones Ethan has)

      (These are another design)

      They're called the Fisher Price Crawl Along Drum Roll and he looooooooooves them! You can close them up to make them one tall drum, too!

  7. beautiful babyand beautiful eyes- i found you on the bloghop and am your newest follower - loved reading of his tales of wanting his daddy on the weekend - i can so empathize with you on that one - please follow back at http://biguniversesmallworld.blogspot.com


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