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Kim from The Glitter & The Gray

Hey there, all! My name is Kim, and I write a little blog called “The Glitter and the Gray”. Why is it called that, you may or may not have asked? Well, because as a stay at home mom to an adorable two and a half year old named Jack, my life is a mixture of a touch of glitter and a touch of gray. Much more of the former, now that I’ve settled into this new role, as I’m sure many of you can relate to!

I live in a tiny little town in the Catskill Mountains of New York with my husband, Jay, our two pain-in-the-butt cats named Snack and Hobbes, and of course, Jack. Jay and I have been married since September of 2007, and have been together since 2003. Jack came along in April of 2009.

This is the three of us back in October for my brother’s wedding!

Since then, things have been a bit of a whirlwind. New jobs, moving, etc. Truth be told, sometimes it all seems like a bit too much to handle! I think that’s why I love blogging so much. Even though I don’t always have the time these days to sit down and let all of the thoughts pour out, when I do, it clears my head! And the sense of community is like none other. Just visiting other blogs, reading the ins and outs of what other people are going through in their lives, I think it can make people feel not as alone, you know? And as a stay at home mom? There are lonely days, of course!

Our little family has resigned ourselves to making 2012 a banner year. We’re aiming for changes and growth. While still employed, thank goodness, my husband is on the hunt for a new, better paying job. I’m opening myself up to things I may not have done previously. I just joined a newly formed playgroup in my town (it’s such a tiny town, there wasn’t one previously!), I’m trying to make friends for both myself and Jack, trying to make myself and what I do more well known on one of my biggest resources: the internet (TA-DA!) all the while running around and playing with cars and trains with the little dude…trying to figure out half of what he is saying…he has a slight speech delay! ;) He’s made leaps and bounds in the past few months though, and it sure is nice to now have someone to talk to in-person during the day!

Oh, did I mention we’re slowly renovating the house we’re currently renting? If you like before and after pictures, come take a look!

I think that’s me and my little corner of the internet in a nutshell. Feel free to stop by and say hello…and maybe stay a while. I love “meeting” new people!

It has been an absolute pleasure talking to you via You Are The Roots, a big thank you to Lindsay for the opportunity!


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