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Sarah from A Better And Magnificent Mom

Hey there everyone! My name is Sarah from A Better and Magnificent Mom and I am so happy to be guest posting for Lindsay, here on You are the Roots.

Me and my little silly one

I am a first time mommy to my little munchkin, Maggie, who is about to turn 18 months. Mags is an active little bugger and doesn't like to be still for any length of time. With that being said, I have been thinking since the summer, about what we are going to do this winter to not go stir crazy!

Running around outside before we are stuck inside!

First of all, I knew that I wanted to sign Mags up for some "Mommy and Me" classes. We attended one last year, and on those cold, dreary days it was a lifesaver. It was so nice, just to get out of the house and have somewhere to go, with activities that would interest my little curious baby. This year, I was interested in a place that not only offered classes, but also offered some open gym time for her to run around and get the sillies out. I researched the local offerings and found that Gymboree has open gym times and that, plus some specials they are running, made the decision. We will be taking a music and gym class there and we can't wait to get started.

Just about the only picture I get these days...the toddler action shot!

The next thing that I thought about for this winter was maintaining our membership with the local mommy club that I found through Meetup. This website helps people with similar interests get together in their area. They have lots of different groups and I was fortunate to find a great Mommy group. Last winter we started with a few play dates, and then we started attending other really fun events. I think the best event we attended last year was the Halloween party and parade.

My little clown

My final idea for helping while away the time during these frigid winter months, concerns Maggie's Christmas gifts. For the past two years, Mags has been so blessed by all of the wonderful toys, books and games, that she has received as presents. There are way too many to play with all at once, so I have some of them stored away, and over the winter I will pull one new toy out about every month or so (putting away an old toy, to make room). It's kind of like sustaining the fun of opening new gifts over the entire year. Just another little help for those cold, otherwise grey days.

A rare seated time

So those are the plans! Thank you so much to Lindsay for letting me guest post. Hope you are having a wonderful day and feel free to stop over at A Better and Magnificent Mom, to visit!


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  3. OOhhh how sweet you are the best mom ever! and I like to read all the blogs of your site because I have so many interest in these things.


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