take his picture by the pool 'cause he's the next big thing.

Ethan begins swimming lessons on Thursday. The swim school offers several open swim sessions in addition to the lessons, so I thought it'd be a good idea to take Ethan to an open swim session today so he's familiar with the water before he begins his lessons. He's one of the few babies his age who haven't already been exposed to the water due to his contracting RSV at five months. My husband felt fairly confident he'd love the water given how excited he gets about bathtime but my Overly Paranoid Maternal Neurosis was unstoppable. And, as it usually is, said neurosis was totally unnecessary.

Ethan loved the pool from the moment we stepped into the water!

He had such a blast floating around the pool! I felt bad when it came time to take him out of the water, as he was just so content floating around and exploring the water. He was totally a natural, putting his own face into the water as he floated and kicking his legs as he navigated through the pool on his little raft.

Did I mention that he actually swam under the water? Twice?! Because he did. And I might have lost ten years off of my life each time, but he popped up from the water and kept on splashing without a care. Not a pout, frown, whimper, cry or tear. (From him, anyway. I make no comments about my own behavior during the second that felt like years that my child was submerged under the water and swimming his way towards me!)

The entire point of this open swim was to familiarize Ethan with the water before his swim lesson on Thursday but it was probably more of a nerve-calmer for me. He was never concerned. He's got this. No problem.

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