sick days.

My day today began at midnight when I woke up to a very unwelcome bout of food poisoning. I'm pretty sure I only clocked an hour or two of sleep total until it was time for my husband to leave for work and me to somehow dust off my Super Mom cape and pretend that I was confident in my ability to get through a day tending to a precocious seven month old and simultaneously running to the bathroom and silently praying I wouldn't be joining my cats in the Puke All Over The Floor Club.

Ethan must have sensed my lack of enthusiasm today as he was more than happy to spend the entire day snuggling with me. And by the "entire day," I mean a decent amount of time when he was not preoccupied by his new ball pit or the gaggle of Christmas and Hanukkah presents I'm finally getting around to setting up for him. The best part of today -- aside from the snuggling -- was that we didn't put on pants all day. No Pants Days are totally the greatest.

Know what's also pretty great? Growums! Ethan and I won a Taco Garden growing kit and today seemed like the perfect day to do our indoor gardening.

It was the perfect sick day activity: planting vegetables and herbs in the comfort of our own home where Ethan could solely be clad in a diaper and no one could give me the side-eye for making sure the garbage can was never too far away from where I was situated. (Unlike food poisoning, Growums are awesome. Ethan and I promise to keep you posted on the sprouting and development of Hal E. Peno and pals.)

I feel a little tinge of guilt at wishing today to be over. For a sick day where I felt so rotten that I had already accepted my impending demise, Ethan sure made it a worthwhile day. Taking a day off from the world and spending it snuggled up on the couch under a cozy blanket with Ethan was the best medicine. I surely won't miss the nausea but I already anticipate missing our huddled-up snuggle-spot on the couch once the week inevitably plays on and life becomes busy again.


  1. I LOVE the taco garden! Definitely keep us updated on that -- that'd be a fun Easter gift for my kiddos!

    I hope you start feeling better. That sounds like no fun at all :o(

    1. They have so many cute little gardens with other veggies and herbs, too! Totally the perfect little gifts for kids! They're so much fun! I can't wait until they sprout.

  2. Oh linds I'm sorry your sick from food poisoning ...that is the worst! Isn't it amazing how our babies can sense how we feel and somehow make everything brighter when were feeling so gloomy? Ethan is just so darn cute, how could you not smile at that face : )

    Feel better soon!

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