never believe it's not so.

Overnight, Ethan has turned into an accomplished sitter. He's so proud of this that all he ever wants to do it sit. Wherever we are, whatever we're doing, he just wants to sit up straight and tall. This hasn't exactly worked in my favor as I try to transition him to his crib at nighttime, but it's still been pretty interesting to watch.

Recently he has discovered that he can sit up and play with toys. These are both things he had done separately in the past -- sit, and play with toys -- but now they become one shared activity. He spent a solid half an hour today mesmerized with a toy I grabbed from a neighbor's garage sale for $3 (I know, as if we needed another toy in this house) and then continuing to scan his playroom for other toys to explore.

Not that I'm in any hurry for him to grow up and leave behind the current phase of his life, but I'm guilty of wondering when he'll start crawling (and walking). These are things anyone will ask you on a daily basis: "is he crawling yet?" "is he eating solids?" "is he sleeping through the night?" I used to desperately try to imagine an answer, a definitive time when he would be doing all of these things, but now I'm happy to leave that all behind and enjoy the transitions as they come. There's something about watching Ethan pull himself up to that $3 garage sale toy and study it intently with such wonder in his eyes as he tries to figure it all out. I know that this phase, too, will end and he will soon lose sight of the magic of his current perspective -- but for right now, we're content to enjoy the magic.

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