the stops and in betweens

Excuse me while I dust the cobwebs off of this blog. It has been a tiring and trying week for us all. This past week has seen vaccines, the start of top teeth, sleepless nights, two consecutive diaper explosions that caused Ethan to finish our Stroller Strides class naked, refusals to nap and so many more equally cringe-worthy things that I could probably remember if my brain was a bit more charged. Maybe it's for the best I'm too lazy to recount them all.

We've been trudging on as best we can through this week of tough stuff. I've admittedly been watching the laundry pile grow as I opt for cat naps with Ethan on the couch in the afternoons instead. I don't think there has been a night I've gone to sleep without that level of tired that you feel in your bones. Of course, there hasn't been a night that Ethan has slept through so that feeling of bone-shaking-tiredness is one I've come to know very well at this point.

And then there have been the random, happy moments that slip their way in past the tears, pouty lips and fingers shoved in sore, teething mouths. This evening I had bitten into my dinner and burned the roof of my mouth. "It's hot!" I exclaimed in agony-laced terror and Ethan? He was cracking up. I mean cracking up in a way that trumps any obnoxious sitcom laugh track; cracking up like he was going to burst from laughing so hard. Each time I muttered the word "hot," he would throw his head back and laugh with all of this energy that I wasn't aware any of us had left. This went on for about ten minutes. I'd say the word "hot" and he would nearly fall over from laughing so hard. As random as it began, it ended. The laughter stopped and the serious look made it's way back over his face. Curiously, my husband muttered the word "cold." Ethan stuck out a quivering lip and began to cry. Then we were back again.

Sometimes the greatest skill one can possess is the ability to trudge through the gloominess and find their way to the other side. This wasn't a skill I was aware I possessed until I became a mother. Trudge we will, until the teeth stop hurting and the growing paints subside (did I mention that Ethan grew 4 1/2 inches in just four short weeks?!) and life regulates itself just a little bit. I'm optimistic that this will be sooner rather than later and I'm also more than content to spend the afternoons curled up on the couch with Ethan while we rest the misery away.


  1. Do the diaper explosions signify the need for the next size up? That was always our cue. Hate public diaper explosions!

    The Hot/Cold story sounds so cute! Funny what things make little ones laugh!

    1. Not in this instance! He just moved up to size 4 diapers a couple of weeks ago. Any bigger and they wouldn't stay on! :)

      This is only the second time he's ever had this happen. It wasn't fun at ALL! I blame the vaccines, teething and the introduction to pears. Poor guy.

  2. Oh linds im sorry its been such a rough week!! If it makes you feel any better, the past 3 days and nights Zoee has been pretty off and on with her fussiness, she is getting a top tooth, and keeps waking up in the middle of the night screaming {from the teeth I assume}. Poor ethan, I hope he gets back to his giddy, happy self with those new teeth finally through! Vaccines are tuff, you never know what effect their going to have...that story of him laughing is head off about the word hot is SO funny and cute! What a cutie!!

  3. I feel you on it being a crazy week! Hope next week is better!


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