college is yummy. apparently.

This morning we opened Ethan a college fund at a local credit union. Halfway through the paperwork, he threw a tempertantrum and fell asleep sprawled across my lap. It's safe to say that my husband and I were just a bit more excited than he was about his new Sea Turtle Club (I know right?! So cute!) savings account.

I've had several "oh my god. I have a child!" moments. I get them each time I sign him in at the pediatrician's office, sometimes having to cross out where I've written my name out of habit and replacing it with his. When he recently graduated from his first My Gym class to the next one up? I may or may not have teared up on our drive home. Depositing money into Ethan's college fund is another one of those moments. Right now I marvel over the way he can sit up like a champ or shake his baby tambourines before shoving them into his mouth (I may or may not text my parents and husband videos of this to prove that my child is a musical prodigy, don't you know it!). It's hard to believe there will one day be a time when he goes to college. College! It's too crazy to wrap my mind around -- that my little boy, sleeping so soundly in his Sleep Sack with his arms sprawled out around him, will one day be old enough to go to college.

(And if you don't mind, I'll continue to believe that those days are way too far off for all comprehension and go back to marveling at his undeniable music ability and the way he can play with his stacking cups cuter than I could ever imagine anyone playing with stacking cups!)

Regardless, Ethan now has a college fund. And though I refuse to acknowledge he won't be an infant forever, that's still so super exciting!

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  1. those days are "way too far off for all comprehension" or at least i like to tell myself. it's quite amazing how fast they really do grow up! btw, he's a beautiful baby!


  2. I get the same way at the pediatrician or anytime I physically acknowledge I have a child. It's still so surreal to me even after 3 years!

  3. I am the same way! And just reading this post thinking about J going to college and leaving me almost made me cry. Oh gosh...haha

    Happy Friday!

    ps- I'm a recently new follower and have loved following along with you so far :)



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