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Mindee from Heaps Of Love

Hello all you blogging beauties out there! I am honored to be asked to be a guest blogger on You Are The Roots! To be honest, this is my very first time being a guest on someone elses blog...and it makes me excited, nervous, proud, enthusiastic all at once! So lets get the ball rolling! :)

My name is Mindee! My blog is {as of recent} called Heaps of Love! Why did I choose that name you ask? A. My last name is Heaps and B. our famiy is full of love! Genius right? I thought so. We became a family of 3 in May 2011. Zoee Ann is our greatest treasure here in this life. We love her more than we can imagine! But lets start with Austin and Myself...

We met in spring of 2008. We met upon my brother asking me to come to a friends wedding as the third wheel, and me saying ok...{I didnt really want to go}. Austin was a friend of my brothers who came along too...boy was he a sight for sore eyes! Those freckles, dark hair, blue eyes, I was head over heels! Turns out so was he. :) We dated, then married in March. Hes the love of my life and im so happy to be his wifey!

Now that you know a little background on our little family...lets enjoy some questions I've been thinking in my mind...

How is it being a new Momma?

Its fabulous! Seriously though...nothing could bring me more joy in life than raising Zoee. She is such a beacon of light in our family. You know when before you have your baby, people always tell you how hard its going to be, and what an adjustment it is, and how it can even turn your life upside down? Well, there right! {In every good way}

All that stuff compared to all the love, joy, happiness, accomplishment you feel, its a teeny, tiny grain of sand. No one really tells you how much stinkin fun your going to have being a parent! Austin and I feel so blessed to be Zo's parents. Shes our world!

Why did I start a blog?

I've been a blogger since 2008, 4 years people! But, Ive been an avid blogger for a year now. Theres a big difference, believe me. The majority of my blog is to write about our family. About the love we share, the fun we have, the hard days we go through, {a little crafting thrown in there}, and since Zoees been born, theres a whole lot about that little gal! I love writting about these things. They interest me! If I were to write a specifically fashion only blog, it would plummet {but I love reading other peoples blogs about those things}. I believe if you are to have a successful, reading friendly blog, you have to write about what you love! And I dearly love my little family : )

...Yes, this is coming from the girl who has few followers...43 to be exact! One of my goals in 2012 was to reach 100+ followers. Guess what, I have a new "Grab button" now, so here is a prime opportunity to grab that button, and click follow!

And if you really want to make my day {year} then you should leave a lovely little comment...Seriously, I get as giddy as a school girl when I get them!

Well, thats a little about my bloggy blog. Thanks Lindsay for having me, its been an absolute pleasure! I sure love your blog and that little man of yours : )

You all have a bright and sunny day full of rainbows and happiness! {a little corny...I like corny}

xo Mindee


  1. So sweet!!
    Where was your wedding? That background is beautiful!

    *New follower from the hop. Can't wait to read more!


  2. Loved reading this!! Beautiful family you have!! I'm a new follower! Please feel free to stop by my blog & follow back if you like :)



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